Remote Management, Monitoring & Verification #RMMV4Dev – KfW offers Tools and Community

KfW Development Bank has been working for some years on co-creating together with our colleagues and partners a set of Remote Management, Monitoring & Verification (RMMV) approaches, tools, and practical instructions for the International Financial Cooperation. These recommendations based on our collective experience have been recently published in the KfW  RMMV Remote Management, Monitoring, and Verification Guidebook Guidebook.

KfW’s RMMV Guidebook on how to manage, monitor and verify Financial Cooperation projects remotely

This RMMV Guidebook will assist KfW’s employees, project partners and suppliers in jointly implementing Financial Cooperation Projects even in situations with limited access to project sites, projects with many locations as well as projects covering extended areas.

Download RMMV Guidebook(PDF, 12 MB, accessible)

Fact Sheets on RMMV Tool Types and Data Sources can already be found here.

The Decision Matrix, which you may use for guidance when selecting a suitable mix of institutional RMMV approaches, tool types and data sources, is separately available here(PDF, 776 KB, non-accessible).

RMMV4Dev – Community of Practice

After the successful virtual conference on the 8th and 9th of February, 2023 together with the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) within the network [], started a platform as a way to share the documentation of the RMMV conference as well as communicating future RMMV events.

Additional Materials

RMMV Conference Documentation:

RMMV Tools & Services Providers Booklet

Main Recommendations from the Conference

As announced during the RMMV conference, KfW is developing an open content repository on Github offering the RMMV Guidebook as a Digital Public Good to further develop its recommendations on the use of different types of tools & technologies.

You can join in developing these: