Evaluating Sustainable Pathways to Climate Resilience, FAO meeting 29 March

Recent experiences from evaluations of IFAD, FAO, and GEF

29 March from 15:00 to 16:00h Rome time

Link for registration: https://fao.zoom.us/j/99112180215

The session will explore emerging experience from recent evaluations in terms of methods, guidance, and tools to help evaluators assess the climate change related aspects of interventions in food systems, focusing on recent evaluation efforts within UNEG, and specifically:  

  • IFAD: Suppiramaniam Nanthikesan will discuss the highlights of the method and approach developed in the recent Thematic Evaluation of Climate Change adaptation to assess the effects on the ecosystem.
  • FAO: Luisa Belli and Lis Pinero will present the guidance being developed by OED to mainstream climate change into evaluations of agri-food systems interventions.
  • GEF: Anupam Anand will elaborate on the use of spatial technology to evaluate interventions at the nexus of climate change, environmental conservation, and development.