The future of impact evaluation – CEDIL conference concludes

CEDIL (Centre of Excellence for Development Impact and Learning was established in 2017 with UK aid funding from the UK government. CEDIL develops and tests innovative approaches to impact evaluation and evidence synthesis in low-income countries.

The CEDIL Conference 2023 gathered some key players in impact evaluation as speakers and session Chairs: Annie Duflo, Arianna Legovini, Gonzalo Hernandez Licona, Timothy Lubanga, Macartan Humphreys, Matt Juden, Nazmun Ratna, Claudia Ringler, Douglas Glandon, Chris Porter, Marcella Vigneri, Ghassan Baliki, Alan de Brauw, Jeannie Annan, Sian Rasdale, David Ameyaw, Howard White, Edoardo Masset and Radhika Menon. 

The videos of each session are available on YouTube, on the CEDIL channel, at the links below: 

You can also access slides and links to some of the related resources mentioned by the panellists on the conference programme page and in our CEDIL publications section.

I was overwhelmed by the various inputs. If you have an overall conclusion of the conference, please add a comment here. Thanks!