Enhance evaluation use through communications and knowledge management

Relevant, timely, targeted, efficiently & strategically communicated #evaluation evidence is vital to influence change?

Learn how UNFPA is enhancing #evaluation use & beyond through communications & knowledge management.


The strategy provides a dedicated framework to strengthen the use of evaluation using communications and knowledge management as a strategic approach. 

The strategy focuses on providing targeted decision-makers, targeted evaluative evidence in targeted/real-time for adaptation, learning, accountability and informed decision-making. This requires an increased engagement with stakeholders, user-focused packaging and communication of evaluations and improved accessibility of evaluative knowledge. 

The strategy also includes a focus on advancing influential evaluation through evaluation advocacy and multi-stakeholder and intergenerational evaluation partnerships. It emphasizes continued efforts to expand the Decade of EVALUATION for action (Eval4Action campaign) as part of a broader effort to build a culture of evaluation and strengthen national evaluation capacities, to accelerate towards the Sustainable Development Goals. 

In this way, the strategy supports the implementation of the UNFPA evaluation strategy, 2022-2025, that calls for a renewed emphasis on utilizing evaluations to deliver the three transformative results: zero unmet need for family planning; zero preventable maternal deaths; and zero gender-based violence and harmful practices.

While the strategy is framed for centralized evaluations, including joint and system-wide evaluations, its principles and approach remain applicable to decentralized evaluations.

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