EvalCrisis – lessons learnt at EU Evaluation Support Service

What did we learn from Evaluation in Crisis? What are the key reflections that the wider evaluation community developed when adapting processes and methods to the new conditions created by the outbreak of the first global pandemic ever of the modern era?

The EU Evaluation Support Service carried out an in-depth analysis of all materials that we have produced or published during EvalCrisis and is proud to present you what we brought home from these very intense months. Here are the lessons learnt by ESS.

The lessons are organised by 6 themes: (i) Fluidity of context, (ii) Ethics, (iii) Adaptive evaluations, (iv) Local evaluation skills, (v) Methods and tools and (vi) Remote techniques, and by different topics within each theme.

Read it at https://europa.eu/capacity4dev/devco-ess/wiki/evalcrisis-lessons-learnt