IPDET #Evaluation #Hackathon starts 7 July 2020

The International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET)  #Evaluation #Hackathon will provide a platform for creative individuals and ideas from around the world to unite their skills, knowledge, and inspirations to find creative solutions to the challenges of our times. It’s here: https://ipdet.org/online-program-2020/ipdet-evaluation-hackathon/

COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to the field of evaluation. The IPDET Hackathon provides a playground for creative individuals from around the world to unite their skills, knowledge and inspirations to find creative solutions to challenges of our times.

The IPDET Evaluation Hackathon is free of charge. Join the teams and jointly find daring and innovative solutions which help to raise awareness, emphasize the importance and increase the power of evaluation.


The most pressing challenges will be crowd-sourced and selected from our IPDET alumni-community and published on our homepage where you will be able to join them.

Unlike tech-hackathons which aim at merely technical solutions, the IPDET Evaluation Hackathon is open to all possible solutions which might help to empower the field of evaluation: seeking for relevant concepts, elaborated strategies, applicable prototypes, innovative methods etc.

We don’t expect to have actually solved the challenges by the end of the hackathon. Real life problems are hard! Think of the IPDET Evaluation Hackathon as a pit-stop on a long journey where you engage with others in innovative and out-of-the box thinking towards some solutions at some point of time.

Join a team

You have never participated in such a team work, you are not quite sure what you can contribute and you do not know anyone yet? Then you are right here!

The IPDET Evaluation Hackathon is a great opportunity to meet up with others and form interdisciplinary and international teams. You will find your own flow as a team and commit to contribute with your creativity and time (as much as available) for one week. A Jury will select the 3 best solutions and will award a special price to the winning team!


July 7 |  1pm CET | Virtual Kick-off session

July 8 to 12 | Team work

July 13 | Submission of solutions in a short video

July 14 to 17 | Jury selection process

July 21  | 1pm CET | The best 3 teams present their solutions in the IPDET Mini Series No. 3