Endline findings of the Millennium Villages in Northern Ghana Impact Evaluation (MVEval)

Itad is pleased to announce the publication of the endline findings of the Millennium Villages in Northern Ghana Impact Evaluation (MVEval).
Go to MVEval findings: http://mvevalonline.itad.com


This independent, mixed method impact evaluation, surveyed over 2,000 households from within 35 villages in the project site and included three qualitative longitudinal studies that collected evidence on institutional change, a range of welfare measures and local perspectives.

Findings were mixed, with positive impacts found in the areas of education, health, and hygiene – however we found that significant progress was not made overall on reducing levels of poverty and hunger.

Led by Itad, in partnership with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and Participatory Development Associates Ghana (PDA Ghana), the evaluation also highlights how rigorous evidence must be programmed in at the earliest opportunity to inform significant investments in complex, poverty reduction projects, such as MVP, to ensure positive impact and cost-effectiveness. We believe this is the first fully independent and robust evaluation of the impact, sustainability and cost effectiveness of the Millennium Village Project model.

As well as being the first fully independent evaluation of the MVP model, all of our household data is available for reanalysis and is intended to be used by researchers in Ghana and beyond, to benefit any future studies and projects in the region.

Find out more: http://itad.com/knowledge-and-resources/mveval/