Meta-Evaluation can support the transformative impact of the SDGs

When implementing the SDGs,  Meta-Evaluation can pave the way to public policy reforms.

Evaluation processes have a key role in the national and global review systems for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The implementation of the SDGs is led by each country and adjusted to the respective national priorities. Countries will lead and determine their own needs and assessment approaches.

Voluntary National Reviews (VNR) are an important tool, deployed worldwide, to demonstrate how far countries are progressing towards the realization of the SDGs; but VNRs represent only one evaluation approach in the 2030 Agenda. Countries can look beyond evaluation in the context of global reporting through VNRs, to mainstream evaluation at the national and local levels.

Evaluations can contribute to the process of defining national priorities for the SDGs by evaluating evaluability and other tools and techniques. To maximize its utility for legislators and citizens, the monitoring and review processes…

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