Monitoring-and-Evaluation versus Feedback Loops

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A lot of people (on twitter and elsewhere) seemed to like my recent post on Monitoring-and-Evaluation versus Management. That post was a response to the M&E Tech conference in DC two weeks ago. I made the case that the technical specialty of “M&E” in the international development sector is simply part of basic management in the private sector. We only split it off in development because our sector tends to think little of management in general.

It sounds like the idea resonated with what others see in their work, so I I’ve got another takeaway from the conference to share. Maybe you won’t like this one as much.

The conference involved a lot of discussion about feedback loops. I love the systems thinking this implies. For a tech-oriented conference, the connection to engineering concepts was intriguing.

In the realm of M&E, we seem to focus on two particular feedback loops:

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