UNEG Handbook for Conducting Evaluations of Normative Work in the UN System

The United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) released the UNEG Handbook for the Evaluation of Normative Work in the UN System . Download from http://www.unevaluation.org/papersandpubs/documentdetail.jsp?doc_id=1484

The purpose of this handbook is to guide UN organizations in conducting evaluations of normative work. Its objectives are to:

  • Provide an integrated approach to the evaluation of normative work in the UN;
  • Provide hands-on methodological guidance, concise practical examples and tools for conducting evaluations of normative work; and
  • Highlight relevant lessons and best-fit practices of the evaluation of normative work inside and outside the UN system.

The handbook is intended primarily for evaluation professionals in the UN. It may also be useful to UN staff responsible for designing, managing and monitoring programmes and projects that integrate the norms, standards and codes of practice; and to the UN’s partners in its normative work, particularly to governments and civil society organizations (CSOs). The handbook might also be applied when evaluating the internal performance of UN organizations with respect to standards for gender equality, human rights, ethics, conduct of humanitarian assistance and environmental sustainability.

The handbook was prepared by the UNEG Taskforce on the Evaluation of Normative Work. The handbook is currently being translated into French and Spanish.