Declaring 2015 as the International Year of Evaluation #EvalYear

Governments, international partners and civil society need to know how policies and programs shape the lives of people today and in future generations. Given this, EvalPartners is facilitating a global dialogue among regional and national evaluation actors, evaluation offices of International Organizations, including UN agencies and the World Bank’s IEG, OECD/DAC and developing countries, private foundations and other key stakeholders. The aim of the dialogue is to designate 2015 as the International Year of Evaluation (EvalYear) in order to advocate and promote evaluation and evidence-based policy making at international, regional, national and local levels.

EvalYear will position evaluation in the policy arena, by raising awareness of the importance of embedding monitoring and evaluation systems in the development and implementation of the forthcoming Sustainable Development Goals, and all other critical local contextualized goals, at the international and national levels. EvalYear is about taking mutual responsibility for policies and social action through greater understanding, transparency, and constructive dialogue.

Here is how and why:

For additional information, or for joining the initiative, please contact Marco Segone (msegone @ and Natalia Kosheleva (nkochele @ ), EvalPartners co-chairs, and Jim Rugh (jimrugh @, EvalPartners Coordinator.