The Private Sector and Poverty Reduction | World Bank IEG

The Independent Evaluation Group’s evaluation, Assessing IFC’s Poverty Focus and Results, aimed to contribute to the enhancement of IFC’s poverty focus and its effectiveness for greater poverty impact. Findings from field studies included in the report illustrate that success, or lack thereof, is a result of the manner in which each project addressed the fulfillment of a need.

The fundamental lesson emerging from these four case studies is that development projects work better when they are based on a sound and thorough understanding of the micro-economic and cultural conditions prevailing among the people for whom the projects are intended. A corollary, more practical lesson is that this kind of grounded understanding is best gained by systematic inquiry based largely on listening to intended beneficiaries in the communities where they work and live.

IEG_Poverty_Case_Studies.pdf (application/pdf-Objekt).