Consultation: how can commitment to evaluation be measured? Does it matter? Survey

Development practitioners and donors are gearing up for the Busan meeting on Aid Effectiveness later this month, which will focus on results. But will this renewed commitment translate into a more systematic use of evidence in policymaking?

To promote better use of evidence, 3ie is launching a Commitment to Evaluation index. The index will score donor agency and government use of evidence, identifying and rewarding progress and good practice. The index will be piloted next year for donor agencies, recognizing donors making systematic use of evidence, thus providing an incentive to others to do the same.

3ie’s initiative follows the example of other successful attempts to use awards or indexes to focus the attention of policymakers. Indexes such as the UN Development Programme’s Human Development index, Transparency International’s Corruption Perception index, and the Centre for Global Development’s new Quality of ODA (QuODA) index have raised awareness on key issues and influenced practice of governments and development agencies. In developing this measure, 3ie will draw from the lessons learned by similar initiatives on how best to award evaluation practices and build and run an effective index

We invite your inputs for designing the Commitment to Evaluation index. Click here to give your views on how commitment to evaluation can be measured and if it matters

Consultation: how can commitment to evaluation be measured? Does it matter? Survey.