Linear versus complexity: A new thinking paradigm for the development world

Linear versus complexity: A new thinking paradigm for the development world.

On 28 February at 10:00am, Dave Snowden, founder of Cognitive Edge, a leading knowledge management practitioner, a thought leader who brings together academic and practitioner perspective into a single comprehensible purview, a well-known figure for his work on the role of narrative and sensemaking and the father of Cynefin framework will give talk about how complexity approaches can enhance insight, creativity and innovation among development leaders and practitioners.

Dave will give an overview of his Cynefin framework and show how this framework can help and be used by development workers so that we can make our interventions more efficient. He’ll also talk about pros and cons of exclusively adopting a linear approach in a changing, unpredictable and complex world and share with us his ideas on how to promote innovation and capture knowledge and learning from complex rural development interventions.
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