GTZ requires Capacity WORKS certificates from Consultants

Capacity WORKS is GTZ’s new management model for sustainable development. It supports the steering of international cooperation projects and programmes. Using five success factors, the cooperating partners structure the projects, evaluate each step along the way and identify necessary interventions. This makes the measures more transparent and increases the scope for action by the partners involved. Capacity WORKS facilitates the management of complex projects and boosts their sustainable results. Capacity WORKS also provides the basis for knowledge and quality management in cooperation activities. Capacity WORKS is now being systematically introduced in GTZ’s international cooperation projects and programmes, and integrated into all the company’s relevant standard instruments. Not least, GTZ will also be making expertise in Capacity WORKS a requirement in its future job openings. GTZ has concluded a framework agreement with AGEG Consultants eG to act as ‘Capacity WORKS multipliers’ by training both individual consultants and consulting companies in Capacity WORKS, and keeping them updated on a regular basis. GTZ will accept certificates of participation issued by AGEG. See our German Website for courses: